Iașul sub povara refugiului. Tragedia războiului în memorii și însemnări zilnice (1916-1918)

Abstract: Between December 1916 and November 1918, all the Romanian state authorities, threatened to disappear, have worked in the city of Iași. Caused by the military defeats on the north and south fronts, the refuge in Moldova has meant, before all, a massive dislocation of population and a great effort to support not only the military front, but also  ”the home front”, one that involved to guarantee the minimal conditions for the survival of the residents, of the refugees and of wounded by war. The historical literature published till now seems to concentrate much more over to the refuge of the army and of the state authorities, leaving in obscurity the situation of the ordinary citizens. On the other side, the history of ordinary people is written in the diaries of politicians, journalists or diplomats. My study addresses, from this point of view, the key role that city of Iași had in the context of Great War, between 1916 and 1918.

Articol POLIS noiembrie 2018

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